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Do and don`t list for paranormal investigations.



                          - Be respectful.

                          - Be mentally stable.

                          - Follow you`re instinct at all times. If it says get the hell out. Then get out.

                          - Always check for people in the building.

                          - Always do a base reading with an emf or k2 meter.

                          - Leave enough time between questions on a evp session or ghost box.

                          - Always try and go inside a building where you have permission to enter.

                          - That way someone always now you are there.

                          - Use as less light as possible. But if you are in a very quiet place (like a graveyard) is does not matter.

                          - When doing a EVP session make sure everyone is quiet and moves as less as possible.

                          - Watch your team members and make sure they are safe.

                          - Work together as a team.

                          - Be experimental ( but be careful and do research)

                          - Introduce yourself to the spirits.

                          - Tell the spirits what you are going to do there and why you are there.

                          - Listen to each other.

                          - Ground yourself and take protection with you. (like stones, herbs, crucifix)

                          - Trigger objects.




                                - Don`t provoke.

                                - No drugs or alcohol.

                                - If you don`t know how a ouija bord works then don`t play with them.

                                - Never go inside a building alone.

                                - No vandalisme so no breaking in and gain entry. And never break stuff inside the building or graveyard.

                                - Respect everything. You are not there to steal or destroy the history of the place.

                                - Don`t go to an investigation if you are sick or mentally not stable.

                                - If you are still going you have a good change off getting attachments.

                                - Not too much people on one spot.

                                - Never wonder off on your own and let other team members know where you are going.

                                 Or take a team member with you.

                                - Don`t rush you're investigation. Be patient and be still.

                                - Whatever you do don`t scream.

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